Thursday, May 12, 2016

Welcome to Stacking Limit

Welcome to Stacking Limit the blog of Ravensworth Press. Stacking Limit will also be the name of our online magazine one day and hopefully our joint Podcast with The Wargaming Company. Mostly right now the focus of the blog will be the Podcast. It will be me(Andrew Franke) &David Ensteness talking about the miniature wargaming hobby here in the United States. For the most part in the beginning we will be focused on the historical side of the hobby as that is where we both started.

David is also an accomplished author of the Napoleonic Rules Et Sans Resultat. We want to announce that up front so people don't think there is any bias going into the show. We both have been in the hobby for quite a few years.

With all of that said our first show will appear in June. I do not know when yet but most of the introduction about ourselves will occur on the first episode. On that episode we will also cover what have been our favorite rules and why starting with the Ancients period. I don't think we will get through my entire list in one episode so stay tuned for Stacking Limit!